Back Pain

Back Pain Treatment

Back pain can be pain in middle back or lower back. Middle back is area below neck till the bottom of rib cage while lower back is lower part of spine. Back pain can be uncomfortable and could not make you move actively. Back pain usually happens due to trouble in spinal column and its related joints muscles and nerves. Acute back pain can be resolved with pain killer medication but if you experience it frequently or any sharp pain in back needs to be consulted with doctor to avoid further complications.

Back pain : Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Back pain can be caused due to variety of factors from simple physical stress to many underlying complications.  

Being overweight

Improper sitting postures

Handling excess weights

Sacroiliac joint dysfunction – lower back pain that radiates dwon to legs

Sciatica – nerve pain due to irritation of sciatic nerve as a result of lumbar disc herniation

Osteoporosis- bones become less dense and weak


Bulging and herniated discs

Other causes include infections or cancer of spine.

  • Sharp pain in back radiates to arms and legs
  • Pain persists longer and doesn’t improve with rest
  • Pain accompanied with numbness in legs
  • Pain resulting from injury
  • Pain with loss of bowel control
  • Swelling of back