About Neehar Neuro Clinic

From the Doctor’s Heart

Dr. Neehar Potluri

MBBS, MD, DM – Neurology

I was trained in Institute of Medical Sciences, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi (MBBS, MD), and king George Medical University, Lucknow(DM). My whole training was funded by Government of India. I had completed my entire medical education in few thousands of rupees. I owe it to the citizens of India who were helpful in training me, on whom I made my case studies and who indirectly funded me through the Government stipend. I want to reciprocate my gratitude to this nation by providing quality health care at an affordable price. I thank you all for providing a platform to exercise my skills and helping me actualize my potential.

A word of caution to patients

Dear friends,
We need to understand diseases won ;t come to us. We attract most of the diseases when we make ourselves susceptible. Except genetic factors which can ;t be modified most of factors which cause the disease are modifiable like environment, diet, sleep, addiction, stress. One of the most neglected risk factor which influences in getting a disease or getting rid of disease is attitude towards life, our thoughts, beliefs and emotions. It is the trust of patient in himself , in the treating doctor and on the medicine which is vital in curing a disease than the medicine itself.

  • when you come to me for treatment, Please come with a complete faith in me but not as a part of shopping spree.
  • Most of the patients suffer from fear about the disease. The fear was generated by incomplete information from the internet, friends, well wishers, quacks. It is preferable not to go for information from internet. It is better not to divulge about your disease to unnecessary people.
  • If you feel that I am not clear about any information I am sharing with you , any investigations I am prescribing or any treatment I am giving to you, It is better that you clarify it with me upfront rather than leaving my chamber in disappointment, after all we both are working for the same cause, removal of your disease.

By having the complete faith in the treatment, in yourself, and in God you will be helping yourselves. Please help me in restoring your trust and health.


Why Neehar Neuro?

We are committed to deliver comprehensive and timely neurologic care that is organized around the needs of our patients and their families.

Our model of care brings together neurologists, neurology-related specialists and allied health practitioners to address the complex conditions that affect our patients’ health and well-being.


Dr Neehar is a leading Neurologist of twin cities with 17 years of experience in clinical practice. He was trained in premier medical institutes of India. He has an excellent track record of solving critical and complicated cases.


Medical science is more an art than science. A good , compassionate, considerate communication facilitates faster healing and effectively alleviates pain.

Cost Effectiveness

We are always thankful to the patients who keep trust in us in their tough times. Keeping our prices at an affordable level is one of our ways to thank you. We proudly say we are among the neurologists who are excited by volume of patients .


We are available from morning to night for prior appointments and also beyond working hours and on non working days for emergency patients.

Our Values

To feel the physical pain one needs a sensitive skin .To feel the psychological pain of others one needs a sensible mind. We value serving large number of needy poor patients at a lower cost than being accessible to few paying people.

We promise to take care… and deliver

  • Visited doctor for neurological consultation. Doctor has spent good amount of time to understand my issue and explained what need to be taken care.
    Mohan Reddy
  • The experience was very good. Doctor is very friendly. Ambience of the clinic is very good. Staff is very Cooperative.
    Balakrishna Gottipati
  • Dr.Neehar is excellent , good listener, very good analyser on specific problem. I suffered last 10 years with migraine headache. It's cured and i can suggest Dr.Neehar to others for this problem 
    Siva Jonnalagadda